Are you teaching in the Key of Difficult?

Stop it! It’s time to teach in the Key of Easy.

Welcome to the Key of Easy.

Take the Key of Easy Quiz to uncover your biggest  problem in your music lessons program and find out how to solve it.

Growing your music lessons business is not one size fits all.

The Key of Easy Quiz identifies where you land on one of three levels- from the Key of Confused up to the Key of Easy.

Then, it helps you identify and reflect on what you and other private music instructors at your level are going through- and lays out the specific action steps you need to take to grow your music lessons from one level to the next.

What We Do


The Key of Easy Program helps you simplify your systems and multiply your money.

We provide tailor-made training and mentorship intended to help you reach your unique goals. We want you to have the flexibility and freedom you crave as you design the studio you deserve.

Why We Do It


We want to bust the myth of the starving artist and elevate the value of music education.

As music educators, we have the power to not only cultivate creativity and develop life-long lovers of music, but also to enrich our environments in ways that both transform ourselves and our communities at large.

Action strategies for growth as a private music teacher are not one-size-fits-all.

The Key of Easy Quiz identifies where you fall on 1 of 3 levels- and lays out a specific game plan to grow from one level to the next.

What level are you at? What does that mean for the future of your music lessons studio?