Still Doing Make-Up Lessons?

I’m just gone keep it real with you- if you’re still doing make-up lessons, it’s not sustainable for the growth of your music lessons studio. As your studio grows, your capacity to fit that one kid in who had a track meet shrinks.

Sure, you may be able to slide in a quick make-up lesson now, but what are you gonna do as you max out on the number of hours you’re willing to teach?

What are you gonna do when those make-up lessons tip tap all over your personal time?

What are you gonna do when that one family forgot to tell you they were going out of town AGAIN? What are you gonna do when you have a doctor’s appointment, or take a staycation, or just need a day of rest? 

One thing is for certain, and two things are for sure:

  • You will miss the occasional lesson and
  • Your students will miss the occasional lesson.

The Reality Is…

You will never be able to make up every single missed lesson and you will resent missing out on the plans you made but couldn’t keep all cause Timmy had a dentist’s appointment.

Bottom line- you will be grumpy, and nobody wants music lessons from a grumpy person.

Do This Instead

1) Build redundancy in your schedule with group lessons.
2) Asynchronous instruction.
3) Price your services to account for the occasional missed lesson.

Meet The Chief Treble Maker

Hi, I’m Takenya Battle, a natural ray of sunshine who loves shaking up music education industry norms. After teaching elementary music for 14 years and then running my own private music lessons studio for the last 8 years, I was hooked on magnifying the multiple pathways to success without compromising my personal freedoms.

I’m all about consistently creating music teaching and learning experiences that couple simplicity with high-impact results. And, yes, my favorite part of what I do is empowering private music teachers to sync their music and business savvy for greater success.

A framework is what I offer; Flexibility is what you get.

And inside the Key of Easy Program, I reveal the pathways for you to find less hustle and more harmony in your music lessons business.

This call is your opportunity to tell me your needs to see if my program is a good fit for you. This is not a coaching call, however, I will share the benefits of working with me if I believe my program suits your needs.