Get your top questions answered in a virtual day of consulting.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could…

  • Get out of your own head and ditch indecision with expert feedback from the Chief Treble Maker.

  • Go deep into your specific questions for a day without trying to cram solutions into a rushed one hour call.

  • Stop doubting and start doing with tailor-made tasks to take you from woe to wow.

That’s exactly what you get when you book a VIP Q&A Day with me!

I’m on call to answer ALL of your questions.

Here are a few examples of the questions we might cover during our VIP Q&A Day together:

  • How can I stop chasing down payments?
  • I haven’t raised my rates in forever. What should I charge?
  • How do I introduce my new rate to families? Will they leave me?
  • I am so over it with make-up lessons! How can I stop doing them without losing income or upsetting my families?
  • Where can I find more in person/online students?
  • Where do I start with group lessons?
  • Do you have any social media advice?
  • How can I survive the summer slump?
  • Billing and scheduling give me the blues. Is there an app for that?

No question is too small- ask away and I will help you to get unstuck.

The final piece about freeing myself up from makeups … was just amazing and truly life changing for me. 

P. Renee

Get clarity in your music lessons business with expert advice.

1. Click the button to schedule your VIP Q&A Day.

2. Follow the prompts to complete your booking and payment.

3. That’s it- your VIP Q&A Day is booked!

Here’s how your VIP Q&A Day works:

  • Your VIP Q&A Day happens via voice messages and texts. We’ll connect on Voxer or Instagram DMs- whichever you prefer.
  • During a VIP Q&A Day, we’ll be in touch over Voxer/IG to deep dive into whatever music lessons business questions you have.
  • Here’s how the day works:

1. You choose a date for your VIP Q&A Day.

You don’t need to free your calendar for the entire day. You just need to make sure you have enough tie between your day’s activities to listen and reply to messages- as well as mental space to think, process, or take notes. You can even spend time implementing in between messages.

2. We get connected and say hello.

We’ll add each other on your chosen app ahead of your day. You can send me a message in advance to tell me more about what you’re stuck on or brain dump questions as they come. This way, we can dive right in when your day starts.

3. When your VIP Q&A Day comes, you’ll have access to me from 10 AM- 6 PM CST.

Don’t worry- this isn’t an 8 hour call, and you’re not expected or supposed to be sitting by your phone waiting for replies. We’ll be exchanging messages throughout the day in a steady yet relaxed pace. The best thing about a VIP Q&A Day is that we have space in between messages to think, brainstorm next steps, or even start taking action. That’s part of what makes these days so effective- and way better than a 60-minute call. The conversation can go deeper and be more nuanced when there’s no pressure to reply in the moment.

Thank you for helping to hold me accountable…An email communicating tuition increases effective March 1, 2022 has been scheduled to go out…on Monday!

B. Davis

Get clarity in your music lessons business with expert advice.

1. Click the button to schedule your VIP Q&A Day.

2. Follow the prompts to complete your booking and payment.

3. That’s it- your VIP Q&A Day is booked!


What is Voxer?

Voxer is a free walkie-talkie app you can use to send voice and text messages. You can install the app on your phone or access the web version from a computer. After you book, I’ll share how you can connect with me on the app so we’re all set for your day.

If you’re not comfortable using Voxer, we can also host your Q+A Day in Instagram DMs. You get to choose the option that works best for you when you book.

What if we’re in different time zones?

I’ll be available between 10 AM and 6 PM CST. This means most US based time zones get a least a handful of hours of conversation during your VIP Q&A Day.

Do I need to be available for a whole day?

Nope– this isn’t like being on an 8-hour call. During a VIP Q&A Day we’ll be exchanging messages at a slow, yet steady pace throughout the day. There will probably be periods of rapid back and forth and times when the pace slows down to allow for deep thinking, processing, or implementation.

Will you help me level up my entire business in one day?

These VIP Q&A Days are not a good fit for someone looking for long term support. That’s something  we provide in our Key of Easy program. 

What if I need to reschedule?

Things happen and rescheduling is easy. If you need to reschedule, just hit the link in your reminder email to change the date. You must reschedule BEOFRE your original date occurs. You may reschedule as needed but must use your VIP Q&A Day within 3 months of your originally scheduled date.

I have one more question before I book.

Let me answer it! Send an email to to reach out and watch your inbox for my personal response.

Meet The Chief Treble Maker

The Chief “Treble” Maker, Takenya Battle, is the go-to authority for private music teachers who are ready to trade hustle for harmony and take their profits to the highest octave. Audiences looking to build a private music teaching business that’s in perfect tune with their life choose Takenya as their leading expert.

Through her signature program, Key of Easy, her weekly IG lives, YouTube posts, and her blog, she reaches 7,000+ music educators per week. Takenya’s clients often say her insights are “life changing” and refer to her as “supportive and friendly” and “highly knowledgeable about modern technologies used in music education.” Her advice has been featured on The Full Voice, All Keyed Up, and Sounds of Encouragement podcast.

 When Takenya is not helping private music teachers to make their businesses sing, she can be found singing songs by Selena as if she were a member of the band Los Dinos or learning new languages.