Planting Seeds

I am not a gardener…

Matter of fact my green thumb is rather brown. I like flowers, but honestly, my house is where most plants go to die. I like the idea of growing my own fruits and vegetables, but the truth is I’d rather be inside the cool crisp air conditioning than knee-deep in dirt and worms.

However, I’ll be talking about planting seeds today.

A seed has everything it needs to start growing…

Think about the inside of a seed for a second. There’s food storage and even the baby leaves that you see once the a seed has begun to sprout above ground. The seed is already equipped with what it needs. It waits for the opportunity to do its thing. 

A seed is smart…

A seed doesn’t just begin growing all willy-nilly with random reckless abandon. The seed knows it needs the right temperature, soil, nutrients, and light to trigger “go” time. The seed constantly examines and observes its world for the most favorable opportunities for growth.

A seed grows roots first…

Once “go” time has arrived, the seed takes root. It roots itself to absorb nutrients and anchors itself for stability. 80% of a typical plant’s mass is underground. We often only see just a hint of a plant’s full glory. There’s always more beneath the surface.

Then grows towards the light…

Plants have strategies to maximize the ability to capture as much sunlight as they can. They want to succeed. They want to grow. They want to thrive. They crave the sunshine. 

Plants are smart…

Plants learn, communicate, problem solve, and even have memory recall. Plants not only warn one another of impending danger, but they also call on insect allies to rally to their defense. It might look like plants are just sitting around doing nothing, but they are moving at their own pace, in their own world, unbothered (usually) by us mere mortals.

How Does This Relate to Music?

Our students…

We receive students who have everything they already need in order to start growing. Our students are smart. They need to be rooted. They love to shine in the light. They learn, communicate, problems solve, and remember.

As teachers…

We owe it to our students to be the best soil for them to take roots. We owe it to our students to have the best temperature (attitude.) We owe it to our students to have the best nutrients (resources) to help them thrive. We owe it to our students to be the sunlight that let’s them bask in the afterglow.

How Do I Relate to This?

Someone planted seeds…

The only reason I signed up for piano lessons when I was in the 4th grade is because my cousins and I all wanted to be in the same class at the same time. So, for 3 years, we sat side by side sharing a piano bench with our feet inches above the ground.

Music fundamental seeds were planted at that time.


The seeds sprouted…

At the age of 15, I was volun-told to be in charge of every musical instance that occurred in the Black Baptist church where my father preached alongside 2 of his brothers.

Playing by ear seeds were planted at that time.

The seeds adapted…

I went to college at FAMU on a full academic scholarship and partied that thing away with a “D” in Chemistry as a Biology major. Consequently, I lost my scholarship. I had to think about what had always been inside of me. It was music.

Problem solving seeds were planted at that time.

The seeds grew towards the light…

Changing my major from Biology to Music Education changed my life. I thrived, I created, I lived. I was growing towards what energized me.

Finding my sunshine seeds were planted at that time.

The seeds blossom…

I graduated with honors and went on to teach elementary music to between 600-800 every year for 14 years. I was planting a few seeds of my own in thousands of young minds. 

The seeds bear fruit…

I look at where my students have started compared to where they are now, They can read music, write music, improvise music and do more than “just” music. I look at where my studio started 8 years ago and I look at where my studio is now. There’s more freedom and flexibility in my day. I smile more and cry happy tears more often.

The fruit is nourishing and sweet and self replicates.

How Do You Relate to This?

Reap the rewards of the harvest….

Because someone else planted seeds, I was able to reap the rewards of the harvest. Because someone else nourished me and pointed me towards the light, I was able to thrive, grow, and shine.

You need someone to keep you grounded and remind you of your roots. You need someone to check your music lessons business temperature and provide you with a plan of action.

You need someone to lead you to the best nutrients (resources) for optimal growth. You need someone to point you towards the sunlight so you can thrive, grow, and shine.

Be fruitful and multiply….

Seeds thrive best when in a community. You need a collaborative community of structured support and accountability. Seeds have strategies to optimize their growth. You need a clear plan for prosperity.

As seeds become plants, they warn one another of impending dangers and rally a team on their behalf. You need someone to show you how to make menacing make-up mayhem disappear. Plants rally a team to defend them. You need a squad that will show up and champion your triumphs and give you guidance on avoiding potential pitfalls.

Shine brightly….

Seeds give rise to brilliantly beautiful blooms. You need families to see and appreciate the beauty and the value you provide. Each blossom is uniquely appealing. You need someone to show you how to highlight your dazzlingly different music instruction gifts and abilities.

Plants be talking too. You need students to rave about their last lesson, look forward to the next one, and tell all their friends about their experience. Plants are built to bend but not break. You need someone to provide you with a personalized plan for flexibility and continued growth.

I empower private music instructors to eliminate make up lessons mayhem, amplify quality enrollments on auto pilot, and ramp up revenue.


Are You Ready to Plant Seeds?

We grow together….

I empower private music instructors to eliminate make up lessons mayhem, amplify quality enrollments on auto pilot, and ramp up revenue in my Key of Easy Program.

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  • Teach one but reach many, and so much more.


Shrink or grow….

Plants have to adapt to their environment or they risk shrinking and eventually withering away. The music lessons industry is ever changing, but with strong roots, you’ll weather every storm to be here for the long haul.

“If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together.”


    In Harmony….

    Plants know who they are and what they can do. They are persistently consistent in their drive to not just live, but to thrive. You need a framework that steadily points you towards the sunshine so you can do the same.

    The Key of Easy Program lays a path for you to find balance and unity between the musician, the educator, and the business of being both.

    I invite you to move to new melodies in sync with your passions and pursuits in your music lessons business.

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